Guitar Shelf

Monument to an obsession

I have a lot of guitars and ukuleles, and I was also feeling like I hadn’t played them enough. When we moved at one point, I sold all my guitars but one, but that honeslty didn’t last too long. Now that I own a home, it was high time to build myself a real place to keep them. Keeping instruments close at hand reduces my barriers to practice and play.


I bought some shelf brackets and used some spare 1/2” baltic birch plywood. I measured each of my instruments’ necks at the nut and added additional space for the thickness of some felt tape that I’d be lining the slots with. I left space for two guitars - a steel string and a classical guitar. I also cut space for three smaller instruments - two ukuleles and one Loog Pro three string guitar. Finished with wipe-on polyurethane, which is pretty much how I finish any piece of furniture.


guitar shelf

A good-looking shelf that I’m happy to have in my living room. The studs in our walls are 18” apart, which makes shelves a little awkward. I didn’t feel OK going 36” between brackest with such a thin piece of plywood, so the shelf looks kind of over-built.

I’m playing guitar more often :-)